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Who Are We?

We are creative minds, artists, designers, social butterflies, copywriters, photographers, and strategists. More than anything else, we are always looking for the latest trend in the digital world. The only consistency we live after is change. This is our passion and our claim to satisfy our customers.


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Why us?

Benefits of hiring a social media agency?

‚Magic doesn't exist'

If we are honest with each other, we all know that something like a ’social media guru‘ does not exist. There is no person who is an expert on „everything“. To be successful in the digital world, a team of experts is needed to understand, study, and love their particular field. Our social media experts regularly explore new market trends and algorithmic changes before they come into play. This allows us to pass on this knowledge to our customers and ensure that you are always one step ahead.

‚New Perspectives and Inspiration'

Creativity always leads our team to new inspiration and different perspectives.

To understand how quickly the industry, trends, (and others) are changing. Our team always provides a different perspective, new ideas and strategies. This way, we ensure that your online presence is always „up to date“.

‚Success can be planned'

Each social media channel has its own set of engagement rules, communication channels and ultimately its own algorithm. The latter decides on the value of your message.


Today, you can’t really get around making sure your product or service is marketed online.


Lack of creativity and ideas? Need a helping hand? We are here for you!

Put your focus and manpower into scaling your business. Use your time effectively, while we take care of giving your online presence a fresh coat of paint.


Each of our services is flexible. Choose from Done4You, DoneWithYou and intensive, individual consulting!

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Annabelle Schall

Founder und Managing Director